What is Entropify?

Entropify is a cross-publisher newspaper platform, where the paid content articles of your favourite newspaper publishers can be accessed at one place with a single subscription.

Variety of Publishers
Entropify allows you to select your articles from a variety of different newspapers. Form your opinion based on information from many different sources.
All in one place
Find articles from different newspaper publishers all at the same place. Use our filter to search for specific publisher, topic, title and more to find exactly what you are looking for.
Online and Offline
Add articles you like to read later to your reading list or just download them as ePub. This allows you to even read the news while having no internet connection.
Knowledge and information needs to be accessible to everyone.
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We are making information more accessible for all!
Nadezhda Prodanova
Nadezhda Prodanova


Curious, tech-geek and gets serious when it comes to work.

Raphael Fritz
Raphael Fritz


Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.